10 years later

10 years

3648 days

87600 hours

10 years ago we said I do.

2 weeks ago we said I still do.

In a complete surprise to me, we renewed our vows.

It wasn’t a formal vow renewal, it was just us, me James, and our three little humans. And it was utterly perfect.

Harry was our event photographer, and I think he done a fab job.

James arranged the whole thing, with the help of the children. So I thought I would write it all down here to treasure it.

It all started on Tuesday 14th August. I was busy planning for our upcoming holiday, making sure all of the washing was up to date and planning the packing. James asked me to take the dog to the kennels while he was at work. She wasn’t due to go until Friday so I knew something different was happening.

Roll forward to Wednesday morning, at 6am I get woken up with a start. James told me to pack a bag and said we were off to London for the night. I had an hour to get ready and we were on the way. We arrived in London and checked our bags into the apartment then headed to get some food. After food James told me we were off to Westminster and Southbank. He had arranged a river cruise followed by a trip on the London Eye. We went on it once before pre-children, but the children were so excited to go on it. We were typical tourists, pointing out all of the top attractions all the way to the top, and snapping photos of each other in those little glass pods.

After all of that we were polished off some slush puppies. It was really hot! then headed back to check in to the apartment.

The surprise

After a little rest in the apartment, James whisked the kids into the bedroom and left me wondering what was happening. Next they appeared all very smartly dressed, presented me with a dress and flowers and told me to get ready to meet them in the park for a picnic.

We met by the Italian fountains in Hyde park. They are absolutely beautiful and made the perfect backdrop.

James and the boys set up a picnic just under a tree. Matilda had stayed with me at the apartment to help me get ready and walk with me. We had a lovely bit of girl time, and I was glad of the company on the walk through the park.

We ate the picnic on the grass as the sun started to set.


After the picnic James had prepared his vows. They were beautiful and there may have been tears all around. Marriage is not always perfect, sometimes there are bumps in the road. Marriage is about facing the challenges, holding on and never letting go. Because 10 years ago we said I do, and 10 years on we are stronger then ever and we still do.

10 years

Finally he presented me with an eternity ring. After 10 years of waiting, I got my extra sparkles.


We Still Do

After a beautiful evening James had arranged a family photo shoot in London the following day. But after a beautiful day on Wednesday it poured with rain on the Thursday. We postponed. The following weekend we went on holiday and decided to pack the outfits and the tripod just incase.

So one week later, on our anniversary we done our own DIY photo shoot at Lincoln Arboretum.

we still do

10 years




Sorry for the full on photo spam, but we took nearly 200 photos, and I struggled to narrow them down!

It really has been a magical celebration for 10 years, and i can’t wait to get some of these photos printed and framed.

Happy 10 years James, I love you xxx

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