Welcome to 2018, an update from us


Welcome to 2018! Already nearly a whole month into the year, and I am only just publishing my first blog post of the year. I hope 2018 is being kind to you all. So far its been busy for us. I am planning to get better at this blogging lark this year. I adore writing this little blog of mine, but last year was incredibly full on. And my little blog ended up lower down the priority list then I would have liked.

This year, I want to gradually improve that. Honestly though, I know that I am far too busy to start promising myself 5 posts a week. I know that setting myself silly targets will actually just make me feel worse when I don’t achieve them. One thing I learn’t from a pretty rough year last year, is to give myself a break. So I am back for 2018, I haven’t completely disappeared. I have got big blog plans for the year, but I will be doing things my way. Blogging for me again, because I love to write, and not because I have that deadline to catch. Of course I will still be writing sponsored posts, and I will still have deadlines to meet, but I will be more in control of what jobs I take on.

I thought, for my first post of the year I would share a quick update with you all.

2018 update



January started with computer problems, which still aren’t fixed, I am working away on James laptop. I have had so much studying to do for uni, which I am really enjoying, but finding it hard work. My day job has been busy and I might be on a countdown to half term, but so far, 2018 has been fab.

I started the year with a new bullet journal. I started one a couple of years ago and loved it, but then I went back to a traditional diary for 2017. But, this year I decided I wanted the flexibility of a bullet journal. One month in and I am loving it. I set up a couple of weeks at a time, and I really look forward to setting it up, getting creative with writing. I’ve been spending ages scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. So far, I have monthly spreads, weekly spreads, and pages for my blog plans, study plans, and family plans for the year.

One thing I want to find this year is some confidence. I have never been confident, but I want to feel good about myself. And most importantly, I want to care less about what other people think. I waste far too much time worrying about other peoples opinions.

James got me a gel nail kit for Christmas, and I have been really enjoying painting my nail myself too. I need a bit of practice, but again, it gives me a reason to have some time to myself every couple of weeks.

Also, on the theme of my confidence, I’ve had a new hair cut. I’ve always wanted a fringe, but I have an awful cows lick, so I thought it would be too difficult. But my hairdresser managed it, and so far, two weeks in, I am getting on okay with it. At first I really wasn’t sure if I’d done the right thing, but I am getting used to it, and on a good day, I love it.


Not much to update on about James really. As always he is working all the time. He has taken over doing a lot of our washing and ironing… which is amazing. Although I then feel guilty, because that should be my job. his working hours mean we often cross paths, he is home when I am working and vice versa. So he is really trying to use his time at home to help me out, which I have been very grateful for.

Slowly, he is building up a bond with the dog. He is the first to admit he didn’t want a dog when we got her, it was all me. And I think really, the first 6 months he found really difficult adjusting to life with a dog again. But since the summer he has got better with her, and obviously she has calmed down a lot. Since the new year he has been taking her out for a run, which does them both good as he is rapidly gaining weight!


Harry has started guitar lessons this term, he was so excited to start. He has had two lessons and so far is doing well. He keeps telling me he can’t do it, so we have to remind him he is only two lessons in. I’m just grateful its a guitar and not the drums or a violin!

He went to his first ever football match with one of his friends a few weeks ago. I was nervous, the thought of my baby at Wembley without me or James made me nervous. And, truth be told, he was nervous too. But he absolutely loved it, and I am so proud of him for going. A year ago he wouldn’t have been brave enough, he used to hate just going to a friends house, his confidence has grown so much.


Matilda is becoming too grown up, too quickly. She went to her first pamper party last week, off to a salon for her nails painted and a bit of make up, she was in her element. She is doing really well at school, her teachers are keen to keep pushing her because she is keen, in a few months she will be sitting her SATS, now I have seen Harry through them I’m not so nervous, I know she will handle it. But it is still a big deal for them isn’t it.

She has asked for tickets for Little Mix for her birthday! I must admit I hate how quickly they grow up. She will be 7, I’m sure I wasn’t getting concert tickets for my 7th birthday.


Arthur, is just Arthur. He is funny, stroppy, caring, kind, hard work, stubborn, and absolutely amazing. He is 4, and he is still very much my baby. Most nights he finds his way into my bed. And I always take him back, but I must admit I love those cuddles. I know that they won’t last long, and I am oh so aware that he is my last baby. And realistically, he’s not much of a baby anymore.

He is so cheeky, he makes all of us laugh. But equally he can be such hard work. He throws the most epic tantrums, about absolutely nothing at all. Health wise he still suffers with a bad chest, It could be much worse, we usually manage to help at home without doctors. But as soon as he has any sign of a cold it goes to his chest and he needs his inhalers and all the Snufflebabe.


2018 for our family is looking like it will be a good one, hopefully. We have a little mini break booked, and we are looking at summer holiday plans. All three of the children have exciting birthday plans booked in, including a trip to the Harry Potter studios. Me and James will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. And we have many more plans to continue improving our little home.

walking into 2018



So that’s about all for now, I promise not to leave it so long before I write again.

C x





  1. January 29, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    I love this post! You’ve just inspired me get my butt moving and sort my blog out!!xx

    • January 29, 2018 / 10:41 pm

      Go for it. It’s hard to find the time sometimes but I absolutely love it so I’m determined this year to make some time for it xx

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