Daily routine of a working mum

The start of September marked the beginning of back to school. Back to routine. Back to busy.

September also means I am back to work and the start of my uni year. I am studying with the Open University,going into my second year, and feeling quite nervous about keeping on top. My hours at the school have increased, with Arthur at full time school I will be working full time hours. Its great for the children, but leaves me with little spare time.

I decided before we went back to school that I needed a strict routine. A way to ensure everything can fit into the day. Time to work, time to get jobs done, and ultimately time to be a mum and enjoy my children.

Two weeks into term and we are doing well. I am feeling tired, but with all of the changes I expect it to take a few weeks to settle down.

Daily routine of a working mum

Our Daily Routine

6.00am I set my alarm for 6am every day, that way I try to get up before the children. As soon as I get up I get dressed, then its straight downstairs to put a wash load on for the day. Putting one load of washing on every day saves me having a basket full of washing, and doing it as soon as I get up means I don’t forget.

Next I go to my office, switch on the laptop and check through my to-do list and diary. I check for anything that needs to be done that day and go through any emails. If I have time I like to use that time to go through any linky’s that I have joined and read a few peoples blogs.

7.00am At 7am my second alarm goes off, telling me its time to make breakfast. I put the children’s porridge on and call them downstairs. I get the packed lunches out of the fridge and fill up water bottles ready to leave. We all eat breakfast together, before going upstairs to get ready to leave. The children all get themselves dressed, while I get myself ready, then I quickly check they are all neat and tidy and do Matilda’s hair.

We leave the house at 8am.

3.30pm we get home from school, the first job is to take the dog for her walk. Its good to get some fresh air and talk about our days.

4.00pm we get home from the dog walk and start homework. At the moment we all sit down together, to do reading, spellings and homework. This year we hope to do a little bit every day, so that we don’t have lots to do at the weekend.

4.30pm I start to cook the tea. the children have this time to do as they please. Often is will be quiet time in front of the TV. Depending on what I am cooking and how long it takes to cook, I try to get some housework done at the same time, and get started on making the next days packed lunches.

5.30pm We usually eat at around 5.30 then I will clean up the kitchen and finish off any packed lunches.

6.30pm Once the kitchen is tidied we head upstairs for bath time. The children will all have either a bath or shower. When they are finished I jump in the shower myself to wash my hair so that I don’t need to do it in the mornings.

When everyone is in their PJ’s I have time with each of the children individually to cuddle up in their beds, read stories or just have a chat one to one with them. Its my favourite time of day, when everyone is all clean and fresh and we just cosy up for a few minutes.

They all have lights out by 8pm. Between 8pm and 10pm is my study/work time. I will be in my office getting on with whatever jobs i have to do that day. I always try to switch off by 10pm, last year I often worked until gone midnight, I am hoping this new routine will mean I can avoid that!

Finding a balance

Yes it is tiring, I pretty much don’t stop between 6am and 10pm, but it is working. Finding a balance is crucial, having something to look forward to helps make it worth while.

James works evenings, meaning we don’t see much of each other mid week. He has one mid week day off and one weekend day off. This routine doesn’t happen on his day off. I still get up early, we still walk the dog and do the homework etc after school. But I have the night off of working. We have an at home date night. This gives us both a chance to unwind, and gives us something to look forward to when we are busy the rest of the time.

I thought the children would hate coming home and doing homework before tea, when they are often tired. But they are also enjoying that we don’t have to do it at the weekends. Now we can all look forward to the weekend without worrying about what needs to be done.

For anyone interested I filmed a little day in the life routine video for my Youtube channel.

If anyone has any great tips from their daily routine I would love it if you shared them in the comments below.

C x



  1. September 19, 2017 / 9:27 am

    Thanks for sharing. I also studied with the Open University and would get the books out after the boys went to bed but always stopped in time to have a cuppa and chat with my husband. It can be tough but so rewarding. The Open University are great. I loved the support. Good luck with it.

    Ellen x

  2. September 19, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Im a fellow working mum and my days sounds very similar. Its tired but rewarding. Dare i say i even enjoy my job! Having a good routine is crucial to make it all work smoothly #twinklytuesday

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