Dear Arthur, now you are 4

Dear Arthur,

Mummy’s baby has just turned 4. And however much you remind me that you are no longer a baby, you will always be my baby. I still think of you as a toddler, just toddling around without a care in the world. I forget that you are now 4 years old, making the move to full time school in just a few short weeks.

Today you went into your new class for transition day. I remember Harry’s first transition day. It was the day after I bought you home from hospital. You were 3 days old and I was in that new born haze. I was so nervous for Harry, he was nervous too.

Fast forward 4 years, and its your transition day. And its so different. You weren’t at all nervous, you walked in without a care in the world. I wasn’t nervous for you, because I knew you would be fine. I felt sad, sad that my baby is already going off to school.

Sad that the last 4 years have gone by so quickly. Sad that I don’t feel like I have made the most of every second. Because life has been so busy. I have enjoyed every minute of those last 4 years, of course I have. I just wish I had more time, more hours in the day. More hours of setting up train tracks, running around the garden. Playing all of the Orchard Toys games that you love so much.

You have grown up over night, you are very much a little boy. Gone is the baby, and gone is the toddler. You have so many friends, spending time with the childminder and at pre-school when I work. I listen to so many stories of your fun with friends. Your childminder is amazing and tells me so many stories of the games you play at her house. Role play, full of imagination, building, creating and growing every day.

Then I get to watch you at home. You are happy to play your own games at home, getting lost in your own world. Inviting us in to play, telling us that we have to be Batman, or the police man. Taking charge of games with Harry and Matilda, often wanting to be the boss.

This evening I watched you all out in the garden, chasing each other around in circles, riding on each others backs, practising tricks on the trampoline. And it was just what I needed, to just step back and watch you all being happy, to remember that actually that is all that matters.

So my baby, never let that sparkle dull, keep that imagination running wild, and continue to be just as you are, absolutely perfect.

Love Mummy



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