Reliving Disney dreams with Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure

Over half term we were invited to watch the latest Disney on Ice show, Passport to adventure. You may remember a few weeks ago I had a competition for the Fit to Dance workshop. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the workshop, but I was over the moon to be invited to the show.

We all love Disney, but had never made it to one of the Disney on Ice shows. We didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew that it would be magical, and it did not disappoint.

Disney On Ice Passport to Adventure

As the title suggests, this tour is a world adventure with some of our favourite friends. Mickey and Minnie arrived  with the rest of the gang to a very excited crowd ready to start their adventure.

The Lion King

The first stop was the Sahara Dessert to see Simba and friends from The Lion King. The Lion King was my childhood favourite. I grew up singing along to Hakuna Matata and the Circle of Life, I must have watched it hundreds of times.


Peter Pan

After leaving the Sahara dessert we were off to London. A quick sing along outside Big Ben with a song from Mary Poppins before we met Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. After picking up Wendy and the gang we were soon flying off to Neverland.

Matilda and Arthur were amazed by the flying, although Harry soon pointed out the wires!

All of the children were engrossed for the entire show. Some of the audience were singing along, but Matilda was happier to just watch and enjoy the show. When we returned from Neverland we had the Interval. To miss the mad rush we decided to stay comfy in our seats though.

We were really lucky to have seats just a few rows back. We managed to get right down to the front for a quick photo. Although excuse the glow from the ice in the background!

The Little Mermaid

After the interval we went underwater with Ariel. Full of bright colours and amazing costumes, everyone was getting involved with Under the Sea. How they manage to move around in some of the costumes amazes me.


The final stop of the show was Arendelle with Elsa and Anna. This was the biggest part of the show, and it was as amazing as you would expect. All of the best songs, and all of the main parts from the film. From opening the gates, to Olaf dreaming about summer. All the way through to the end when Anna saved Elsa with that act of true love thawing a frozen heart. Topped off with falling snow and fireworks it really was amazing.

After the Frozen scene was the grand finale with the whole cast on the ice.

Honestly, the whole show was fantastic. I will definitely be looking to go again when they do another tour. I don’t feel like I can do it justice in a blog post. It was difficult to capture the photos and video when I was so engrossed in the show myself.

You can find my video of the show here, with lots of my favourite bits.

**We were given tickets to this event, in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.**


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