Easter Half Term is here with an update

Hello! It has been so long since I blogged, and I have really missed it. Studying has been keeping me so busy I just haven’t had time to think of much else. And to be honest, I am finding full time work, studying, motherhood and life in general is just plain exhausting!

But now it is Easter half term. I sent off an assignment for uni on


Tuesday, and I am free to take off a few days, before I put my head back in the books. I promise that when my final assignment of the year goes off in May I will be a better blogger.

Little Update

Its been quite an intense couple of months. I have made the mistake of not prioritising myself very well, its been all work no play as they say. So now I am feeling a little bit burnt out. This half term couldn’t have come at a better time, just the right time to take time out and re-charge the batteries so to speak.

All through my adult life I have suffered on and off with anxiety and sometimes mild depression. It’s not something that I like to talk about very much obviously, but it’s there, nigg


ling away at me, and often ruling me. Times like the last few months when I have been so busy, are the times when it gets worse, when I forget to take care of myself. But its only really recently that I have been able to see the connection, and pick up on the ques.

Now I know the importance of taking a long hot bath, reading a trashy book, or just watching re-runs of my favourite series on Netflix. Friends if you were wondering! Finally I have seen that doing these things for me, even if its just for 20 minutes before I go to bed, helps me to remember myself in amongst the chaos.




I have also recently discovered Podcasts (yes I realise how far behind everyone else I am) but Podcasts are great. A chance to escape without having to watch anything, you can listen to them whilst doing the housework, whilst in the bath, painting your nails, anytime you like. And from what I have seen there are podcasts for suitable for everyone.

So if you are someone that struggles too, its okay to not be okay. Its okay to feel so exhausted you just want to serve beans on toast and put the kids to bed early. Its okay to admit that life’s tough sometimes. And more then anything its okay to prioritise YOU. Put YOU first every once in a while. And DON’T feel guilty about that.

I snapped this photo in my new Winging It sweater. I nearly deleted it, because of the smears on the mirror and the clutter all around. Eventually I stopped myself, because its okay, to not be perfect. Nobody is all of the time.


Half Term

I absolutely LOVE half term. Obviously working at a school means its holiday for me too, but I loved it before I worked there too. I just love having the children home, scrapping the routine, and just being together.

We have a quiet half term holiday planned. I am hoping for lots of slow starts, long walks, and down time with the children. I have a couple of things planned to break the fortnight up, play dates, a christening, visiting grandparents and an Easter Egg hunt or two, I think its set to be a nice break for us all. In an ideal world, it would be all baking, crafts, glitter and unicorns… but I won’t make any promises!

One thing I am looking forward to though, which will be a big treat for all of us is a trip to Disney on Ice. We went to their last show, and loved it. And now its back, and its in London right in time for Easter half term. This show Worlds of Enchantment looks like it will have something to please the whole family, Arthur is particularly excited that both of his heroes will be there, Buzz Lightyear, and Lightning McQueen. Anna, Elsa and Ariel will also be making an appearance, of course not forgetting Mickey and Minnie!


What are you up to for half term? I hope you all have an amazing Easter, eat too much chocolate and a lovely long half term.


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