Two Best Friends – Half a world apart

Friends, such a huge part of our lives, right from childhood.

First friends, best friends, longest friends, closest friends. When we are children we start school and instantly make friends. Sometimes these friends stay with us throughout school and right into adulthood. Often friendships change as we grow.

But right from those school days, those true friends are the ones that always have your back. The ones that stick by your side. Friends that you are really rely on.

That stays the same right into adulthood. Friends may change, but ultimately there will always come a time in your life when you need your friends.

And that is why its so important to cherish them.

My Best Friend

I met my best friend through baby groups. I was always the shy one, I hated going to baby groups because I was scared of sitting on my own. Slowly I built up a few friendships and one in particular stuck around.

Katharine had children all similar ages to mine, and they all got along so well. We became close friends, meeting regularly to keep the children busy while we ate cake and put the world to rights.

We were pregnant at the same time, our children were best friends too, and she really became that one person that I knew I could count on anytime. We laughed, cried, helped each other out, and loved each other as best friends do.

Then two years ago, they moved. They didn’t just move around the corner, or to the next town. They moved to Australia.

Obviously, I am so happy for Katharine and her family, but equally it makes me so sad. I miss her all the time. And with the time difference and the hours that I work, it isn’t easy to stay in touch.

But although we don’t talk every day, sometimes we don’t talk for a couple of weeks, she is still my best friend.

She is still the one I turn to when I really need a friend. And although its not the same as dropping by for a coffee at any time, we still manage to stay close.

Long Distance Friendships

Keeping contact when you live on opposite sides of the world can be tricky. And as much as I really want to go over and visit soon, I just can’t see us being able to afford those flights any time soon.

Luckily we live in the age of social media, we can keep up with each other via different social channels. We have Facetime for proper catch ups, and Whatsapp is brilliant for staying in touch for free as well. I remember the days when a simple text message abroad would cost around £1, and now we can have a whole conversation on Whatsapp for free.

But its not the same.

Of course it isn’t. Its all brilliant, but nothing beats actually seeing someone, in the flesh. So how do you remain close when you are thousands of miles apart?

You just have to make it work, remember the little moments. Enjoy the memories of that trip to the beach, or that time you laughed so hard at something.

Try to remember the special things that matter. The birthdays, which I must admit I often leave too late for posting times!

Simply put, you just have to try and put the effort in. Make the time to call or text.

But equally be patient, everyone is leading busy lives, and sometimes it will be a while between hearing, and that’s okay.

Share little moments

As I said, sometimes I forget to post a card in time for it to arrive. I still can’t believe how long it takes for a card to get from England to Australia! But what I do try and do is send a little something randomly in the year.

Last year it was a little gift from Etsy, I arranged for the seller to send it direct to Australia, and it wasn’t expensive, but hopefully it was enough just to put a smile on her face when it arrived.

Hallmark have created a new celebration, and some may say ‘another thing to have to buy a card for’, but for me this is perfect.

Share a Card with a Friend Day

On the 7th February Hallmark invites you to share a card with a friend. And what better way to let a friend know you care then by sending them a card telling them so.


They have a whole selection of cards, perfect for posting to the long distance friend, or giving to a friend that just needs a reminder that someone is there.

Some of them are Disney themed for the Disney lovers, some are a little more sentimental. I want to say my personal favorite is the one with the rainbow, saying ‘How are things at your end of the rainbow?’ I love this for a long distance friend, but actually picking a favorite is too difficult, because they are all beautiful.

If you are sharing a card with a more local friend, its the perfect time to share some cake or sweets, because I would give anything to be able to share a slice of cake with Katharine face to face, instead of on Facetime.

You can find Hallmarks range of friendship cards on Amazon and in several card stockists.



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