Matilda’s Birthday – A weekend at Haven Hopton

This year for Matilda’s birthday we had a weekend away at Haven Hopton. I realise it is now August and I am extremely late writing this, but I finally edited the video footage so I wanted to share some photos too.

Hopton is quite local to us, but this was our first visit. Usually when we go on holiday we like to venture further afield. We are natural explorers and want to visit new places. So honestly, holidaying so close has just never really appealed to us. At the start of the year we saved up our daily Sun newspaper tokens. But because of school we were limited for choice. The half term was fully booked, so it had to be a weekend break. We knew that going too far for just a weekend would be a waste of driving time so we looked at the local options.

We packed up the car on the Thursday night, went off to school and work Friday as usual, then got straight on the road after school. The children were so excited.

When we arrived we checked into the caravan and unpacked the car. Then because it was already getting late we just went for a walk and got some chips. We ended up with an evening walk on the beach, skimming stones and rock climbing.


We had a three bedroom caravan, so the boys had a room to share, and Matilda had her own room. One bed for her and one for her dolls! When the children were tucked up in bed we started setting up for Matilda’s birthday. I had packed decorations and wanted to make the caravan look special. James was on balloon duty and had to inflate balloons to put in her room for when she woke up.


Saturday was Matilda’s birthday. It obviously started with presents and cake, like all birthdays should. We always let the birthday child choose what they want for breakfast, so she had picked out pancakes and fruit. I had made her an overloaded drip cake for her birthday. It may have been April, but it was that hot week that we had. It was so difficult to transport the cake without it melting, but we just about managed without her seeing it.


For the day of her birthday we decided to stay on site. Actually we stayed on site the whole weekend. Which is completely unheard of for us, but actually, we loved it. It really felt like a break away. We went swimming in the morning, came back to the caravan for a shower. Then we headed back into the site, played crazy golf, went to the park, stopped for ice creams and just relaxed. I think we have always naturally thought that we would spend too much money if we used all of the facilities. But I have to say, the activities we tried were actually really reasonable. The on site restaurant and ice creams etc were all reasonable too.

The lovely thing about Hopton is the beach. Access to the beach is from the holiday park, so it is a very quiet beach. Whilst we were there high tide was around lunch time so we couldn’t spend hours on the beach, but it was beautiful.

I think if I asked the children now what their favourite thing about Haven is they would most definitely say the disco’s. They all love the characters, and although Harry isn’t a dancer, they all like to watch and Matilda will have a dance along.



Sunday was very similar to Saturday. We got up for a swim in the morning. The children have really started to gain confidence in the water now and its lovely to watch them splashing around.

We had our lunch in the caravan and spent a little bit of time just playing at the caravan with the ball. One thing the children wanted to do was hire karts. I remember doing it when I went on holiday as a child. Wow, they are hard work! I had to have Arthur on my lap because they had 4 seats. But it was so much fun for the children. We were all laughing, they loved speeding over the bumps. After our kart fun we stopped for more well deserved ice cream.

Haven Hopton

Haven Hopton


Sunday afternoon we packed up the caravan and loaded the car. We had to leave Sunday night ready for work and school Monday morning, but we wanted to make the most of the time. After we checked out of the caravan we had dinner, then there was time for a final stop at the disco. We could only have an hour or so, but we saw a couple of the other characters, had a little dance, then it was time to leave.

It was a short weekend break, and it was quite close to home. But it was lovely, and we will definitely be going back to Hopton next year. I made a little video of our weekend which you can watch below.

Whats your favourite type of holiday? As much as I’d love to be jetting off somewhere I am really looking forward to our next caravan holiday in a few weeks.




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