Healthy Halloween???

I know, the idea of a healthy Halloween sounds ridiculous. It is the holiday for too many sweets, to be eaten far too quickly. And I love sweets. But this year, we are going to balance it out, with some healthy Halloween treats.

Now I am not going to scrap the sweets altogether. There will still be plenty of sweet treats, who doesn’t love a double lolly? But I want to add in some healthier treats to the mix.

I have been searching Pinterest, flicking through food magazines finding ideas, and this is what we have come up with.

I added a couple of bowls of sweets to the table, but they will also get sweets from trick or treating to feast on.

The Tongue Rolls, are frankfurters, sliced and laid in rolls to look like tongues. The idea I saw was complete with guacamole which looked fab, but my children don’t like guacamole.

We have the Watermelon Jacko-lantern. My personal favourite, and so much easier to carve than a pumpkin! The children absolutley loved this too. They picked their way through all of the fruit around the lantern, and the watermelon was wrapped and ready to cut up for breakfast the next day.

The ghost tortillas and witch fingers were a big hit too, and with a big bowl of humus and salsa they soon got munched on.


The children’s absolute favourite though had to be the apple monsters. Really simple, and really effective. slice the apple, lay a strawberry lace or two for the tongue, balance some mini marshmallows for teeth and stack the apple back on top. Don’t forget to add the grapes and raisin eyes with cocktail sticks!

And to wash it all down, a nice cold glass of Booo-nana milkshake.


We had our mini healthy Halloween party early, and the children absolutely loved it, we will certainly be re-enacting the party on Halloween.

Looking after those teeth at Halloween

We all know that sweets are bad for our teeth, and so can be the acidic fruits that we enjoy. Looking after our teeth is so important, especially when the sweetie boundaries may slip a little.

The lovely people at Oral-B have been working hard to encourage children to look after their teeth from an early age. Creating products that appeal to the children, using characters that the children relate to, and most importantly making teeth brushing fun.

The Disney magic timer is a free app on Apple and Android. It comes with a Mickey Mouse timer with music to let your child know when they have reached 2 minutes of brushing. If you are using a compatible toothbrush or toothpaste you can scan the product for a personalised timer.

I recently started using an Oral-B electric toothbrush, honestly I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. It is fantastic, my teeth feel cleaner, brushing feels easier. And it comes with that built in timer so even as an adult we know we have done the full 2 minutes.

Naturally I started to look at children’s electric toothbrushes as well. The Oral-B Stages Power toothbrush is suitable from 3 years old. It is rechargeable to save on batteries. And it has a built in timer, so they will always brush for long enough even without the app.

My three have been using their new toothbrushes for a week now, and I have really noticed the difference in their brushing. All of them are brushing for longer, and putting in more effort with brushing too. Already their teeth look healthier.

So this Halloween we will be balancing out the sweets with healthier snacks too, and we will certainly be taking extra care of our teeth too!


This post was written in collaboration with Oral-B, all opinions are my own. 


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