How To: Lollipop Lucky Dip

If you are holding a fair or fete at anytime a Lollipop lucky dip is a great stall, that doesn’t have to cost too much to set up and can make a reasonable profit.

You can buy kits from places like Baker RossĀ but if you have a handy husband, or maybe a kind caretaker that will offer some help you can easily make your own.

James made us a box from some spare wood he had, then he just drilled holes in the top, getting abit creative he decided to make a star shape but it could just be in rows.


I then painted the box when he was finished using tester pots of emulsion paint.


We ordered the lollipops online and I just painted the end of half of the sticks, we kept ours to just a simple draw, if you picked a red stick you got a prize from the lucky dip box with your lolly, if you picked a plain stick you just got the lolly. Some other ideas say picking a different colour will get you another turn or maybe get your money back.


We set up a lucky dip box next to the lollipop stand and just used party bag fillers for the prizes. The kids loved it and I think we sold around 100 lollies at 50p a turn.




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