Behind the scenes at #YourNewMcDonalds

Anyone that follows me on social media may already know that last week I was invited to a local McDonald’s. Now, I am a huge fan of McDonald’s. It is fair to say I probably eat a few too many Big Mac’s. So when I had an email inviting me for a behind the scenes look at the revolutionised McDonald’s at Norwich Airport, well, I couldn’t say no.

A digital restaurant

When you walk in to one of the refurbished McDonald’s restaurants you will instantly notice the difference. Everything is fresh and modern. McDonald’s now offers you much more choice, being given a guided tour behind the scenes means we won’t miss a trick.

The restaurant now offers digital kiosks for ordering your food. Similar to using a giant tablet or mobile phone. It makes ordering your meal quicker and simpler. You can customise every last detail, from removing the salad to even the bun from your burger.

Once you have selected your order you can select table service. Table service is new for McDonald’s and is so helpful if like me, you have a family of small children to contend with. Simply select your table zone at the kiosk and your order will be bought to you. Traditional ordering at the tills is still available, if you are paying by cash or would rather order in that way. For me though, the kiosks are so much easier.

Around the restaurant you will notice more technology then ever before. Phone charging stations at tables. Tablets on the tables for the children, and adults to keep up with emails or social media. Outside there are car charging facilities as well.

My favourite feature for families though, had to be the Magic Table. It is just as fun as it looks, run via motion sensors you can play games with up to 4 players whilst at the table. The idea being that when the children have enjoyed their meal everyone enjoys a game. Four of us adults had a couple of games and the competition was high!


Mobile ordering

Whilst we were there we were also told about the McDonald’s app. You can now place your order via your app, ideal if you are ordering for a group of people and also time saving. Everyone can input their order into your phone at home, when you arrive at the restaurant you just scan your app at the kiosk and the order transfers. I can imagine me using this app quite often if I want to just pop in a grab us all a meal on my way home or do the lunch time run at work!


Behind the scenes

I think we have all wondered about McDonald’s freshness at some point. We order our food and it appears so quickly, how can it be fresh? Well, thanks to the new revolutionised kitchen’s at #YourNewMcDonald’s your food really is fresher then ever before.

Everything is now prepared to each individual order.

The meat and poultry is cooked, and stored in a special timed oven, anything that has been sat for more then 15 minutes will be destroyed. It keeps the food fresh and hot ready for the customer.

When an order is placed it is shown on screens in the kitchens. Team members then prepare each meal to order, before it is delivered to the customer.

Before we left the restaurant we were given the chance to put on our own aprons and make our own Big Mac. I was perhaps a little too excited to have my own McDonald’s badge!

We were given a full tour on how to make a Big Mac, before having a go ourselves. I really enjoyed getting stuck in, but I think I would need a little practice to be as quick as the rest of the team.

I love the Big Mac sauce, I wish you could buy it in the UK, I would probably have it with every meal.

Me, feeling proud as punch, with my very own, lovingly made Big Mac.

Getting behind the scenes and seeing all of the ingredients up close, has shown me that, yes it is fast food, but it is still very much fresh food too.

This is it, my Big Mac. It was yummy, although not as good as the pro’s. Next time I go into McDonald’s I will certainly appreciate my Big Mac even more.

McDonald’s in the community

Many of you will already know that McDonalds runs the charity RMHC. This charity does absolutely amazing things for families with sick children. Every time you pop your loose change into a pot at McDonald’s you are helping this charity.

Our local McDonald’s is running a fundraising day on Saturday 21st October, head down to Norwich Airport McDonald’s for face painting, fancy dress and lots of fun. All in aid for the wonderful RMHC.


For more information about McDonald’s check out this website What makes McDonald’s.

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the team at McDonald’s for inviting me along. 




  1. October 11, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    I was gutted to miss this opp when I was invited to my local one! Damn work! Lol! We now have 5 McDonalds in the City I live in! Crazy!

  2. October 15, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    I didn’t realise there was an app for ordering now! We love the table service option, it’s ideal if you have children. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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