Staying organised – an update from me

Back in September I shared my new daily routine with you all. That was when it was fresh, we were just a few short weeks into term, and things were going okay.

Three months in and I’ve been up and down. From organised to a complete mess.

Mainly the later.

So I thought I would update you all on what has worked, what has changed and how I am now managing my routine.

My new updated routine

The 6am start has long gone. The alarm still goes off at 6am, but it is snoozed, alot. Some days I am up earlier then others, but as long as I am up and dressed by 7am I am happy. I rarely eat breakfast (I know, naughty habit) so I now use the children’s breakfast time to pop the washing on and check my diary.

The rest of the morning routine is still the same. Kids downstairs at 7am for breakfast, then we all get ready at the same time ready to leave the house.

After school we walk the dog as soon as we get home. I do enjoy that little bit of time to just get some fresh air. The children aren’t so keen on the cold, but they usually get running with Polly and enjoy it.

Homework after the dog walk is most days, but if we are all feeling particularly tired I’ve learn’t just to give it a break. Forcing it when we are all tired just becomes more of an argument. 4 out of 5 nights we still sit and do some homework, but I’m more relaxed.

My evening routine hasn’t changed. Showers and bed for the children, followed by an evening on the laptop for me. At the moment I do my own work, blogging or studying, 5 nights a week when James is at work. Then the two nights he is home I have a night off too.

Last week I had my first essay of this academic year due, and a really busy work schedule. I got to the end of the week completely exhausted. These busy weeks will come up, so I need to to look after myself more and take more time out for me on quieter weeks.

How to keep organised

One of the biggest thing that helps me is my organiser. I have just got the new Boxclever Press Family Life Book, and it is a life changer. It is everything you need from a family organiser, a diary, budget planner, Christmas planner, address book, and meal planner! For me, so far, it is ticking all of the boxes.

organised bowclever press

The diary section is broken down for the family into seven columns. I have set mine up as a column for each member of the family, then one column for evening schedule, and one for general reminders. My evening schedule column is where I plan which nights I will be studying, or which nights certain deadlines are due by. General reminders are the silly things, order the shopping, post that birthday card etc.

The last column is for meal ideas, I love this as I always plan our meals when I shop. I like having a dedicate space for me to jot it down. The final column is a small to-do list and next week section.

The next section is for monthly planning. There is a monthly to-do list, a monthly budget, and income and outgoing schedule.

There is a section for Christmas plans, your Christmas card list, and even the Christmas budget. And another section for summer holiday plans, an 8 weeks spread to be able to plan those holidays to the last detail.

One section I really like, and I plan to spend a lot of time thinking about, is my thoughts and plans for next year. I just think its a really nice idea to spend a little time thinking about what you want to achieve in the coming year. And to be able to look back on it throughout the year to keep you on track.

Just a couple of weeks into using my new planner, and I feel so much more organised. It is ideal for busy families and I think the people at Boxclever Press have thought of pretty much everything!

This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own. 


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