Staying prepared for poorly children

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet. I had lots planned for my blog for the end of my uni year in May, but since that final essay went off I have just been crazy busy with one thing and another. Work has been super busy. We have had jobs to finish at home which have taken longer then expected. We had Harry’s birthday last week and next week we have Arthur’s to plan for. I am back on Weight Watchers and have picked up a little bit of running to try and get back in shape. And finally, I have been dealing with poorly children.

With three children, germs spread quickly. Often it feels like there is always somebody either ill or just recovering from a bug. Along with bugs there often continuous conditions such as Asthma which need constant care and attention. I definitely consider us very lucky, in that Arthur has Asthma, but it is  under control and we don’t have any other serious conditions to worry about.

But with all of this in mind I like to make sure our medicine cupboard is fully in order. I thought I would share my tips for how I stay prepared for children’s illness.

Whats in my medicine cupboard?

First off where do I keep all of our medicines? We don’t have a lockable cupboard like we perhaps should. But we do have a stocked up medical box high out of reach from little eyes and fingers.

My top items are:

Calpol, in both age groups.

Thermometer, I actually have and use 2 thermometers. I use the Braun Thermoscan for general illness, and more so for the older children. It is great for a quick temperature check and can give an accurate answer in minutes.

Recently I have been trying the Nurofen FeverSmart and it is a fab piece of equipment. It allows you to continuously monitor your child’s temperature from your phone by attaching a monitor under their arm. It is particularly great for overnight, giving you the ability to monitor temperature without waking them.

Asthma Inhalers and spacers, I like to have a spare inhaler of both the reliever and preventer in the cupboard ready. I always write the date on an inhaler when I start it so I can keep track of how long it has left too.

On that note, a copy of any repeat prescriptions Arthur, Harry and even James have regular prescriptions so I need to keep them handy. I note in my diary when I am due to order the next lot of medication so that we don’t run short.

Snufflebabe and/or Vicks – With Arthur’s chest we have been known to use quite a bit of this especially throughout the winter months. Rubbed into the soles of the feet before bed, whether it really works I don’t know but I’ll try anything to keep him comfortable.

Antihistamine – Always in the cupboard, tablet/medicine form and cream, to be honest this is as much for me as it is for the children! I am forever getting bitten and I can’t help from scratching so the cream is handy.


Whats in the first aid kit?

Yes, I have a separate first aid kit. I’m not entirely sure why but I just consider it a completely different agenda. I have two kits, one in the house and one in the car. I try to keep everything stocked up as much as possible.

Starting with the basics, Plasters. Obviously I have a stash of plasters, in the first aid kit, and in most of my handbags you will find a handful of plasters.

Tubular bandagetouch wood, I haven’t had to use these yet at all. But since my work first aid training I feel better about how to use it and think they are handy to have.

Sterile dressing pads these we have used a little more. A couple of weeks ago Arthur split his chin open in the garden, we cleaned it up and used these pads to apply pressure to slow the bleeding down.

Alcohol free wipes, to keep everything sterile. I’m not sure if we used them correctly, but I used them to clean Arthur’s wound on his chin and it helped. Make sure they are Alcohol free though, if they contain alcohol they will sting, a lot!

Ice Packs! At home we keep ice packs in the freezer. On the go we have single use ice packs. We haven’t actually used them on the go as yet, but I like to know we have them in case of emergency.


Staying healthy for all of the family

I feel the need to add that I am not a complete health obsessive, I am a firm believer in not wrapping the children up in cotton wool. I just like to know that in an emergency I have what I need. Sometimes I will run out of something and not realise until I need it. But I like to try and keep it stocked up, and I always take a supply of calpol/paracetamol and first aid supplies for holidays.

Do you have any other top tips? Anything you think I have missed?



* This post was written in collaboration with Nurofen FeverSmart, all opinions are my own.


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