Summer holidays on a budget {top tips}

With just 1 week left at school I am starting to panic about the  summer holidays.

Not because I don’t enjoy the holidays, because I really do. I love having the children at home, and although they will drive me crazy and I’ll be ready for a break on more than a few occasions I just love all being home, no early school runs, just taking things at our own pace.

I am however, dreading the cost of it. Because with three children even the most simple day out can cost a small fortune.

So I wanted to share some of my top tips for saving money in the summer holidays.

Plan get those diaries out before the holidays start, try and have at least one low cost play date planned each week. even soft play can get expensive, so try and make the most of the summer and plan park trips, picnics, bike rides, beach visits, you get the idea.

Sensible choices! This is one I need to remember. I make all of these plans to have cheap park dates, then I forget to pack the picnic and end up at Tesco. By the time I’ve bought 4 meal deals and sweet treats I spend a fortune. Must remember to pack a he picnic, much more cost effective.

Bucket list. Yes it is more planning, but do this as a family. Sit down together and all put in a few ideas of summer activities. Decide what is achievable (I know my children will suggest Disneyland!) and stick the list on the fridge. The kids will love ticking it off as they go. I will share our summer bucket list in another post.

Restock the cupboards my three would eat all day if I let them, so we do have to introduce set snack times to keep things under control. But keep the snack box filled up with healthy and cheap snacks, as well as some sweets and biscuits! My three love cereal bars, raisins, dry cheerios etc. As well as crisps and little bags of sweets. We also have to keep the fruit bowl topped up, but can’t really plan that too far in advance.

Don’t overthink things. The children really don’t need to be entertained every minute of every day. It does them good to have quiet days. Days that they can just play in the garden, afternoons with a movie and a duvet. The housework will still need doing, and the children will cope with a couple of quiet days while you potter around the house.┬áLet them be bored, it will help them to use their imagination too.

One big treat if money allows plan one bigger day out. We like to plan something like he zoo or a local theme park. If you can keep it for he end of the holidays it gives you all something to look forward to.

Enjoy it. I know I said don’t overthink it, but really enjoy the time. Don’t stress, just take each day as it comes. Play games, eat ice cream, snuggle up, build dens and make memories.


Do you have any more tips to share? let me know any of your summer plans in the comments below so that we can share inspiration.


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