Back to school with a superhero start to the day

I am a firm believer in a good breakfast setting you up for a productive day. I want to make sure the children have had a good solid breakfast before going off to school. It is proven that our brains work better after a good meal.

I also feel a little like super mum if I manage to get a hot breakfast into them to start the day. More often then not I run too short of time, and they have something quicker to prepare like Weetabix with fruit and a yogurt. But when Super mum makes a rare appearance it will be something warm like porridge, or if I am really lucky with time eggs.

With back to school, and for me also back to work looming, I am determined to get into a good routine and make sure I have that extra time I need. One of the children’s favourite breakfasts is definitely my superhero breakfast.

Superhero breakfast:

When I tell the children we are having a Superhero breakfast, they all know what to expect now.

Eggs and soldiers




It is their favourite, so they will soon be at the table when I tell them.

I got these amazing egg cups from an Instagram shop, Helen Russel Creations. They tie in perfectly with our superhero breakfast, and I just think they are adorable.

Whenever we have eggs its always a competition, who has the runniest egg. We all love a good runny egg to dip our soldiers in. This time it was Harry!

Once they had finished their eggs they all had a big bowl of fruit, washed down with a glass of milk and finished off with a yogurt.

And as for me, I washed mine down with a nice coffee to kick start the day. This cup is also from Helen, I just think its such a lovely little breakfast set.

I know that I won’t be serving them eggs for breakfast every day before school, but I will be giving them something warm and healthy to start the day.

What do you children like for breakfast? Share any healthy breakfast ideas in the comments below.

This post was written in collaboration, all opinions are my own. 


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