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July, the time of year that every parent is thinking about teacher gifts. Searching Google trying to find the most unique presents for their child’s teacher. I have done it myself, and ended up spending a small fortune. I know that these gifts are always very much appreciated, but shouldn’t the gifts be from the child?

When the team at intu Chapelfield contacted me with a challenge to get the children buying gifts at a pocket money prices it sounded perfect. I would take the children off to Norwich for the day with their pocket money so that they could choose the gifts. Everyone wins, they have the fun job of choosing and I don’t have to stress about what to pick.

Between the three of them they have quite a few different teachers and teaching assistants, and they didn’t want to leave anyone out. So we have picked out small gifts, just as a token of appreciation. They managed to get pretty much everything they needed to get, all that I will add is a box of chocolates for the classes to share.

Here is our selection of goodies that we picked up in intu Chapelfield, all for around £5 each.

Our top teacher gifts:

For the teacher we picked out this Weekly To-do’s desk planner. This was in Clinton Cards and cost £5, I liked it because I think its quite neutral for male and female teachers.

For the teaching assistant we picked this ‘awesome teaching assistant’ mug up, also in Clinton Cards. This was £6. I know more teachers and teaching assistants must have so many teacher mugs, but the children were choosing and they really liked it.

For other staff We picked up these chocolate puddles from Hotel Chocolat, these were £5 a pack, but I think they are a nice treat. I think these will be for the extra helpers in the classrooms.

For the jokers Harry picked out this ‘shocking pen’ from Menkind, it was £3.50. Harry loves pranks and really wanted to buy it for his male teacher. He is really excited to give this to him next week.

For the personal touch Matilda picked out two items in Accessorize. First was this rose gold bracelet with a heart pendant, its really sweet and was reduced from £4 to £2. Her other choice was this pom pom keyring, with three pom poms on a rose gold key chain, that cost £6.

For the practical purchase We went to Paperchase and picked out some stickers. Matilda picked the Flamingo stickers (£1.75) and the matching eraser (£3).

For the nursery staff Arthur really wanted to buy this Monkey pen from Paperchase, this was £3.50. Again its just a token gift but its something that he really wanted to get.

For the sentiment I also picked up cards from Paperchase to give to the teachers. I really liked the designs, two of these are blank inside so the children will be able to write their own personal messages to their teachers.

Other top picks at intu Chapelfield

We also loved lots of other gifts from intu Chapelfield.

The Linea Candles from House Of Fraser came in a range of prices and had lovely designs.

Harry liked this memory maze from Menkind  and I think it would make a nice little gift for a teacher.

Another one for the ladies, nail varnishes from Superdrug  again these come in a range of prices. I think if you choose a nice neutral colour you could easily make up a little gift, perhaps with a nail file too.

For the bigger budget Perhaps you could group together with some other parents in the playground. An intu giftcard would be a really nice gift to give the teacher a little extra treat and they can look forward to going to treat themselves.

I have made a short video haul of our shop too.

So this year, instead of worrying about the perfect teacher gifts, and spending a small fortune. Take the children along to your local intu shopping centre and let them choose something. It may be a random gift, but the children will love choosing, and likely be more excited about giving the gift too.


This post was written in collaboration with intu Chapelfield, all opinions and ideas are as always my own. 


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