The Disneyland series – Part one the surprise

Last week we had an amazing family holiday to Disneyland Resort Paris. We were lucky enough to be able to stay 5 nights in one of the Disney hotels, which I know is longer then alot of people go for, but it still went so fast, Instead of just boring you all with a holiday diary I thought I would write a series of posts about the holiday and reviews of things that we done whilst we were there.

We booked the holiday online at the start of the year, and as soon as we booked it we decided against telling the children, to give them that Disneyland surprise. We thought about when to surprise them, we were going to wait until we was in the car on the way to the Eurostar, Then we thought we could tell them the night before so they had the excitment of going to sleep knowing they were going in the morning, In the end though we decided to tell them 2 days before, Harry finished school on the Wednesday for summer so we told them Thursday morning so they had a couple of days to get excited, and it made packing easier because I didn’t have to do it all in secret.

On Thursday morning they woke up to a treasure hunt around the house, we gave them a note and their first clue which led to a series of clues finally telling them where we were going.

Their first note which came with clue 1

Their first note which came with clue 1

They instantly got excited, Harry thought he was hunting for gold!


Each clue led to another clue, and came with part of a sentence which would reveal the surprise.


Harry read the clues and lined up the sentence for Matilda to see.


All of the clues


Searching the sofa


Nearly there


When they found their cases and the brochure they were over the moon, although Harry was abit upset that there was no real gold, but with some 5 year olds you just can’t win.

I had so much fun setting up this treasure hunt, almost as much fun as the kids had finding the treasure.

My tips if your planning a treasure hunt for your children are:

  • Keep it simple, and age appropriate, I googled some clue ideas, and some of them were far too adventurous for my 5 year old, although he did surprise me how quick he got some of the clues.
  • Don’t make it too long, you don’t want them getting fed up before the end, I read somewhere to aim for 2 clues per age of the child, but we went for 6 clues, which I think was a fairly good number.
  • Have a camera ready, I forgot to get the camera out straight away so didn’t get pictures of them with the first couple of clues.
  • help them a little, but not too much, just try and build the excitement for them.

Mostly just have fun with it, the kids love it so its a great chance for you to all have fun together.


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